Amazing words in the english language

In the middle of my coursework boredom came across some of these amazing words. If you manage to use these in conversation, let me know:

Sesquipedalian- a word for a person who uses long words

Scurryfunge- a hasty tidying of your house between the time you see a neighbour and the time they knock.

Crytoscopophilia – The urge to look through peoples windows as you pass by their houses

Raillery- Good-humoured banter or teasing

Pulchritudinous – Very beautiful

Defenestrate -to throw out of a window.

Discombobulate-To upset or confuse, to disconcert

And to finish with a classic- Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia –  The fear of long words

12 Responses

  1. I like “Discombobulate”, it is quite apt in its meaning😉

  2. There is also a word not too frequently used: Zeitgeist

  3. so Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia use that daily, people dont belive me, that its a real word, and actually i use a lot of those words! awesome

    • I manage to use it, but only when talking about favourite words, or phobia’s, or Amazing Words In The English language! I learnt it when I saw it on The Phobia List, people are amazed by it tbh!

  4. I cant pronounce any of these!

  5. Here’s some for your delight: mumblecrust; a toothless old beggar or bum (Picture a guy with a scrabbly old beard, with no teeth with a crust of bread in his mouth mumbling)

    xerography: the eating of dry food as a form of fast.

    Bustlucious; having large, shapely breasts

    cockshut; old english for twilight

    hallucal: relating to the big toe

    bastinado; an ancient form of punishment by beating the soles of the feet

    fumacious: fond of smoking

    acapnotic: not smoking

    pubble: fat, well filled plump

    beblubbered; with one’s face showing the effects of crying

    smellfungus: a discontented person: a complainer; a grumbler

    phocomelia: a birth defect characterized by flipper like arms and legs

    dentiscalp: Old English for a toothpick

    slubberdegullion: the ultimate slob

    backwardation: going backwards?

    superglamorous: beyond glamorous

    sanguisugent: bloodsucking

    excrementitious: of or resembling fecal matter

    jubate; having flowing hair resmbling a horses mane

    jumentous; smelling like horse urine

    hypermammiferous; having LARGE breasts

    lacanophilia; a love of vegatables

    mammila: a nipple or nipple like protuberance

    gaberlunzie; a wandering beggar

    gormandize: to eat gluttonously and ravenously; to pig out

    crapulous: living a lifestyle of overeating and drinking

    echinoproctous: having a spiny rump

    pisciverous: full of fish

    contortuplicated: complicated

    jackuliferous: having spiny dart like points

  6. we use scurryfunge regularly around here… and my children all know it’s definition too. All I have to do is yell “SCURRYFUNGE” and they scatter, cleaning their little hearts out to make the house clutter free for guests who have just pulled into the driveway! LOL!

  7. hahaha i luv these words. i use Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia at least 3 times a day. i hav luved that word 4 3 years.🙂 and this site also proved that my friend was rite and Defenestrate does mean to throw out a window.

  8. thank you so much for reminding me of sesquipedalian, probably the best word of all time🙂

  9. i hv never heard or used any of these words!

  10. It is very augmentatious for me. Thank you

  11. these words are very useful to augment your vocabulary….
    so,please study at least 1 words/day

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